Sad but True

photo of sbt4

UPDATE These are two of the guinea pigs shown below brought in with severe mange - what a difference! They will all be ready for rehoming in mid December.

photo of sbt1

These are just four of nine guinea pigs brought in with severe mange. They had open sores and some were fitting. How could anyone ignore the suffering.

photo of sbt2

This is another of the guinea pigs. The open sore and lack of fur is clear for all to see.

photo of sbt3

As well as suffering from mange the guinea pigs were very thin and nervous. This could have been avoided - we are here to help and advise as well as finding new homes for animals.

photo of Roothless

This is Roothless, soon to be toothless. Brought in by a lady who thought this condition was okay for him to live with!

photo of treasure

This is Treasure who arrived at our door as the owner was going away and couldn't wait to be rid of her. He had shaved her as she was so matted and left her in a poor state. She is just 16 months old and very thin and in need of lots of tlc.

photo of Pebbles

This is how Pebbles was brought into the centre, overgrown nails, matts on feet, and covered in dried faeces which left her very sore down below.

photo of Scarlet

This is how not to look after your Guinea Pig, owner brought Scarlet from a Petshop and thought it okay to put her in the others. After being attacked for a week, she came into Animal Lifeline, traumatised and covered from head to foot in scars as you can see.

photo of Topper

This is Topper, who came from a house in Tooting, and was 1 of 8. Obviously these rabbits had been running together and fighting, and the owner missed Topper's injuries; i.e. an absess running from the top of his shoulder all the way round to his chest.

photo of Fritz

This is Fritz, (from the same house in Tooting as Topper) left in a hutch for god knows how long! As you can see by his overgrown nails.

photo of Lola

This is Lola, came in via RSPCA, after been rescued from a Greyhound. Notice the missing bits of ears!!!

photo of Purley

This is Purley, kept in a SINGLE guineapig hutch (2'x18") for 6 months. She was not allowed out as she used to chew the owner's carpet. Please note her nails, and the fact that she was also grossly over-weight, as she could not move or turn around.

photo of MerlinThis is how Merlin was returned to the centre after just two weeks in his new home. He has now been treated and re-homed
photo of Barley

This is how we found Barley, his teeth were so long, when clipped, they left a dent on his nose. He was saved in time, from his filthy living conditions.